Most effective and Useful Small SEO Tools to increase website traffic

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Most effective and Useful Small SEO Tools to increase website traffic

Small SEO Tools are beneficial for SEO professionals, writers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, ad agencies, teachers, students, web developers, editors, researchers and everyone who wants to work hard in this field. Well, we have 5 premium range SEO tools trending in 2019, so as per the demand you can access those tools at without any cost. If you find any loophole or have any special request regarding the tools drop a message so we can improve it. We are glad that our smallseotools are getting a good response from the users. Hopefully, we can make it even much better if you are with us.

Small SEO Tools


Here is a list of 5 Best SEO Small Tools:

Small Article Rewriter Tool - One of the best SEO tool to rewrite an article or sentence in a new way. It generally works based on the synonyms, structure, and algorithms to construct an original story or article. 

Small Online Plagiarism Tool  - If you are unsure about the genuineness of the content, give a try to this tool. This tool scans search engine documents and if it matches with someone's content. The user will get the plagiarism search report if content already exists before published on the internet/web.

Small SEO Keyword Position Checker - Sometimes it takes months, weeks and days to index website in the search engine or on the other hand if you are struggling to come under top 10 results. Keyword checker suggests you some relevant keywords based on your site content. Later you can work on selected keywords to get the desired effect in search engines.

Small Bulk Backlink Checker - One of the most critical factors in ranking a website on google or other search engines is the number of backlinks. The site with good & natural backlinks tops the chart, which means more traffic and of course you will rock in revenue programs. The tool generates a backlink report provides you the status about your website.

Small SEO Tool Alexa Rank URL Checker  - Enter the URL in this tool, and you can see the detailed overview of your website. It shows your global and local traffic rank so that you can improve in those areas.

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Some other SEO Tools that are going to be released soon:

Page Authority - This tool give you an overview of your webpage authority details, How is your page performing on the web?

Domain Age Checker - Domain age tool is the method of identifying the age of domain name. If you have any plans to buy or sell its really an excellent way to know about the domain age.

Keyword Density Checker - Keyword stuffing is a big issue if you overload the keywords from SEO purpose, but online keyword density tool previews the report so that you can resolve the keyword issues.

Grammar Checker - This is a fundamental tool but an essential tool if you often make silly grammar mistakes. This tool corrects the spelling, punctuations, commas and much more.

Meta Tag Generator - An easy way to generate best page title, description and meta keywords for your website to score well in SERPs.

Google Malware Checker - Online Google Malware tool warns & protects you from malicious code and virus if present on the website. Also, it checks the site Google Malware scanner listing status. Is it harmful or not?

Robots.txt Generator - This tool generates a file to guide search engine robots or spiders to crawl or block specific pages as mentioned in robots.txt

XML Sitemap Generator - Easiest way to create your webpages map in minutes, as it tells search engines how to crawl website pages.

Word Counter - Counting words in an article are harsh if you are doing manually, online word counter does the job for you in seconds.

Online Ping Website Tool - The tool informs all the search engines like google, bing, and Yahoo about new updates on the website. Its mostly used by webmasters to index a site URL or bulk submitting to various search engines.

Every day we are giving 100% so that we can deliver more SEO Tools to our users. Hopefully, in the coming days, we have plans to release more tools and the good news is all our tools will be free forever. The best part is we have not set any query limits or URL limits per day, It's unlimited.